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Welcome to Wofol!

Wofol (woe-foe) (a portmanteau of "web portfolio") is a highly customizable, interactive portfolio template.

What (does it do)?

Wofol natively supports:

Why (should I use it)?

Wofol is targeted towards power users: people who want complete flexibility over their website, but don't want to make a website from scratch. By using markdown to create pages, the complexity of HTML from scratch is avoided while still giving the user total freedom content-wise (you can still mix HTML into it!)

The heart of Wofol is Zola, a Tera based static site generator designed to turn simple, human-readable markdown into HTML. This is then combined with lots of CSS, JavaScript, and template files to turn said HTML into beautiful - and functional - portfolio pages. Minimal coding experience needed!

Also, it's completely free and open source under the MIT License. Always a good selling point.

Where (can I see examples)?

Two "portfolios" have been created to showcase what Wofol has to offer: a feature demonstration/documentation one, and a mock "real portfolio" to show several possible use cases.

How (was this made)?

Wofol was created in three weeks for the Mines' "Sporediggers" hackathon.

For more information on how Wofol came to be, check out the readme.md for Wofol on GitHub.


Wolf Icon: icongeek26 from Flaticon

Landing Video: Steeve Gunness from Pixabay